Camp-Evaluation (Freizeitenevaluation)

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Overview in an English article (American Camping Magazine 3/2009, p. 18-21)

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What does Freizeitenevaluation / Camp-Evaluation offer?
Youth travel programmes and international youth encounters can be evaluated easily and reliably through a scientifically proven procedure. No operating costs apply. The evaluation is carried out through questionnaires, which consist of a standardised section but which also offer room for individual questions.

The evaluation is carried out through the statistic programme GrafStat which is included on the CD-ROM. The programme can be operated by the user independently. For international youth encounters the programme is available in German, French, Polish and English; a Russian version is intended for future release.

Basis for the different evaluation procedures is the system “Freizeitenevaluation” (Evaluation of International Youth Encounters and Youth Travel Programmes) – developed by Dr. Wolfgang Ilg. The development of this system is based on a study of Protestant Youth Office in Württemberg in cooperation with the institute for psychology of the University of Tübingen. Several publications have been published so far. The development of the evaluation system was funded by the Federal Ministry for Youth and therefore is free of charge for operators of youth travel programmes and international youth encounters.

"... an important device for organisors and pedagogic practitioners "
(Dr. Peter-Ulrich Wendt, socialnet review)

"Ilg’s publication opens some sort of bench-marking of youth travel which has not existed before.”
(Gerd Brenner, deutsche jugend)

"Such basic work was missing until now.“
(„junge gemeinde“, a magazine for protestant child- und youth work of Protestant Youth in Austria)

"Freizeitenevaluation – more than just a good book. A real crossing of borders in various respects. "
(Online review Bundesforum Kinder- und Jugendreisen)